Sam Ashton (MA RCA) | Visual Artist | b.1989

For inquiries, collaborations, commissions, or anything else, please email:

I am a British-born multidisciplinary artist. This website is a portolio and source of information about my visual art practice. I am currently living and working in Portland, Oregon.

My work is painting and collage, with experimental processes of creating texture with mixed media. With the exception of some digital editing at the end stage, I work entirely by hand.

I finished my undergraduate degree as a painter and went on to study Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art where I broadened my range of techniques and consolidated my visual language. Since receiving my MA, I have sold, exhibited and lectured about my work within in the UK and internationally.

My work takes influence from a wide range of areas, from Expressionist painting, to graphic design, but much of my inspiration comes from outside of the visual art and design spheres —

I grew up in London, and in my later years I developed a love for the natural world. I find a lot of beauty and inspiration in textural details found in both inner city environments (concrete, weathered buildings, marble, decayed paintwork, rusted metal) and natural spaces (aged stone, wood grain, leaves, lichen, water). This duality of inspiration is expressed in the textures I produce.

How do you make the textures in your work?
I make my textures in a variety of ways - with conventional materials such as pigment, acrylic and graphite, and also unconventional and repurposed tools such as sandpaper, frayed brushes and various found objects. The process of making my textures is continually experimental and unpredictable, but they are always hand-made. Captions detailing the media I used can be found underneath each image on this site.

Do you have work for sale?
There are exhibition-grade prints of my work available for sale in my shop. You can visit the 'Shop' section of my site or click here.

Do you ship items in your shop worldwide?
All items in my shop are available to anyone, anywhere in the world, with no added shipping fees.

Do you take on commissions?
I am available for commissions on a negotiable and freelance basis. Please email with details about your project.

Do you take on illustration projects?
I have worked as an illustrator in the past, but I now identify fully as a visual artist. However, I would be open to these types of projects on a negotiable and freelance basis. Please email with details about your project.

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